Role of a Dental Technician


If you’ve gotten braces at some point, you must have wondered who makes the braces. No, it’s not your dentist. It’s a dental technician. What is a Dental Technician? A dental technician, also known as a dental technologist, is a professional who does the actual dentures braces, bridges, and crowns that dental patients need. They have undergone specific studies and training in order to give precision to your dental needs.

This Robot Is Part Sea Slug

We usually think of cyborgs as part human, part machine, but roboticists don't limit themselves that way. Researchers have developed a hybrid robot built with body parts from a novel source: sea slugs.

The new robot combines a Y-shaped muscle from the mouth of a California sea hare (Aplysia californica) with a 3D-printed skeleton.

Researchers surgically removed the so-called "I2" muscle from the mouths of sea slugs and glued them to flexible, 3D-printed plastic frames.